On November 1st 2019, we will organize another workshop, entitled

“Shaping Cultural Landscapes and Movement Dynamics: Rural Lives beyond the Walls”

The program is listed below. for the full workshop booklet please click here.


Workshop Program

1.15-1.30 Welcome

1.30-2.00 Ann Brysbaert and Irini Vikatou: The “arteries” of the Mycenaean heartland revisited
2.00-2.30 Kalliopi Efkleidou: The hinterlands: Building on historical maps to approach the invisible limits of settlements’ hinterlands in Mycenaean northern Argolis
2.30-3.00 Philip Verhagen: Reconstructing transport networks using least-cost paths and network analysis techniques
3.00-3.30 Stefan Muller: The death in the Argolid: necropolises and burial gifts in the Argive Plain during the Mycenaean Period

3.30-4.15 discussion and coffee

4.30-5.00 Riia Timonen: Fields of gold: the agricultural landscape of the Mycenaean Argive Plain, Greece
5:00-5.30 Victor Klinkenberg: Spreading up the slope – terracing around the Argive Plain
5.30-6.00 Kevin Walsh: An Incipient Anthropocene: Human-Dominated High Altitude Landscapes in Mediterranean Mountain Ranges during the Bronze Age
6.00-6.30 Discussion