After the Act

24 April 2017
Leiden University

After the act: Microscopic approaches to activity patterns, abandonment and (post-) depositional processes
SETinSTONE Workshop


During this workshop we will discuss the use of microscopy for the investigation of archaeological phenomena. In conjunction with macroscopic observations, microscopy can be used to answer an abundance of questions in contextual analysis. In many cases macroscopic interpretations of find contexts can be verified, contradicted or elaborated by the use of microscopic techniques. It is therefore important to raise awareness of the potential of these constantly evolving techniques amongst all professional archaeologists. It is the aim of the workshop to bring together researchers from all sub disciplines of archaeology and increase awareness of methodological possibilities. Additionally, during this workshop researchers of the Faculty of Archaeology will have the opportunity to discuss their own research problems with experts in these fields.


12:30 Welcome
12:45 Dr. V. Klinkenberg
13:00 Dr. D. Vos
Caught in the act – a geo-ethnoarchaeological study of activity areas at Wadi Faynan, Jordan
13:30 S. Aerts, BA
Scoops of history: Tracking deposit movement through insect assemblages
14:00 Break
14:15 Dr. ir. D.J. Huisman
Micromorphology of terp mounds
14:45 Prof. dr. A. van Gijn
Hidden stories of tool use: why microwear matters
15:15 Break
15:30 Dr. P Karkanas
Geoarchaeological Studies on a Bioarchaeological Context
16:30 Discussion
17:00 Drinks