The SETinSTONE project in the media:

13 August 2020 | Leiden Archaeology Blog
The elephant in the tomb: Finding the Mycenaean ‘blueprint’ for rock-cut chambers
Daniel Turner investigates multi-use Late Bronze Age tombs in Greece.

4 February 2020 | Leiden University News
‘I am interested in how we simulate ourselves into the future’
Interview with Daniel Turner upon receiving an Anchoring Innovation Postdoc grant

22 October 2019 | Leiden University News
Materials from the past contain lessons for today
News item about Ann Brysbaert’s inaugural lecture held 25 October 2019

22 February 2019 | Leiden University News
Top EU official Paquet meets researchers from Leiden
Among others, Ann Brysbaert spoke about the SETinSTONE project

14 September 2017 | Cambridge University News
A rare discovery will shed new light on Mycenaean funerary practices
A rock-cut tomb was discovered at Prosilio in central Greece

21 June 2017 | Leidsch Dagblad
Werd bouwlust de Myceners fataal?
Ann Brysbaert in the local Leiden newspaper on the fall of the Mycenaeans

12 June 2017 | Leiden University News
Archaeologists reconstruct ancient Greek urge to build
Ann Brysbaert discusses the approach of the SETinSTONE project

2 August 2016 | Leiden University News
A busy early summer for the SETinSTONE team at Salamis, Athens, and the Argolid
SETinSTONE participated in the fieldwork training season on Salamis in Greece

15 April 2015 | Universiteit Leiden Nieuws
Graven naar mensen en middelen in Mykeens Griekenland
Ann Brysbaert discusses plans for the SETinSTONE project