Yannick Boswinkel

Yannick Boswinkel
PhD Candidate

Yannick Boswinkel studied Near Eastern and Mediterranean Archaeology at Leiden University, graduating cum laude in 2015.

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PhD research
Labouring with large stones. A study into the construction of fortifications in Late Bronze Age Greece

In his PhD research as part of SETinSTONE, Yannick focuses on large fortifications from Mycenaean Greece (c.1600-1100BC). The methodology of architectural energetics is being used to calculate the costs of monumental architecture in labour (person-hours). By breaking down the building process into various phases a proper cost estimate can be calculated. The calculated costs can then be used to investigate the impact of such structures on the community in which they were constructed. This will provide insight into the wealth and power of the ruling class and subsequently the distribution of wealth among the people. Therefore, this study will increase our understanding of the structuring of Mycenaean communities and may offer new information on Mycenaean society as a whole.

3D model of the Lion Gate at Mycenae, created with Agisoft Photoscan